Venom Wheels are known for their protruding lip that stands out more than the usual wheel. They also have spokes that are paired up which is reminiscent of snake fangs. The way the ends have been welded together creates the image that the metal is biting into the outer part of the wheel. They achieve this by protruding the end portion of the spoke to give the appearance as though it isn’t supposed to be attached. That’s quite a creative design and it’s these aspects which indicate how forceful the Venom Wheel is.

The face often comes in a matte finish whether the colour is grey, black, silver, gold, red or orange. The design, colour and matte finish has a way of showing the public that it’s the boss. People that see it will understand that it is an impressive wheel. The Venom Wheels will turn heads. If you are person that enjoys the spot light then these will be the ideal option for you. You will be the centre of attention or the talking point amongst your group of friends and everywhere you go.

Curves are in. The curves show us the slender and elegant aspect of the wheel. Just as a snake moves, the curves show us the manoeuvrability that the car can do with this range. That’s what most car owners need: a car that steers perfectly. The right set of wheels help the driver to achieve better control over the car, just as you see in many races.

Triangles are trending at the moment. This is probably only one of two designs the spokes can be formed in while the other is a circular pattern. If you think about it, snakes have triangular shaped heads when you look at them from the top. So the triangle shapes along with the fangs implemented in the design completes the form of the Venom Wheels.