“Ute” is a short-term used for the utility vehicles, which are intentionally designed for a specific job and come in different types. Some of the utility vehicle accessories can be categorized as:

  • Roof Racks: Roof racks Ute accessory provide car owners additional space to carry their stuff. They can be adjusted to accommodate the shipment weight, the type of car and canopy height. Some are available in platform design and are easy to set up and can be applied for roof top tents.
  • Ute trays: Trays offer both light rear and mesh window protection and add up with square head-boards to offer wide carrying capability. These trays are available in different materials such as aluminium, steel and alloy.
  • Ute Lids: Ute Lids offers protection to your belongings. They can be individualized according to the vividness of the vehicle though they are usable in standard black and Livid and they can also be set up with a locking system.
  • Ute Liners: Ute liners offer protection in the loading area of the Ute. They can be customized to the car design and color and some are available with tail-gates. Ute liners are flexible and they do not warp, crack-pot become brittle while under hard usage.
  • Canopies: Canopies which can be hinged at the front, side or rear and can be custom created to suit an individual taste. Most Ute canopies are available in different colors and are easy to clean and keep up.