Even the humble car key has changed. Nowadays you don’t have to walk all the way over to your car in your office’s parking garage in order to unlock it. You can just scoop it out of your pocket as soon as you emerge on to the parking garage from the elevator, point in the direction of your car, press a button and hey presto, the door is unlocked automatically! Now think about all those times you have walked to the parking lot from the supermarket with all those bags and have fumbled around for your keys before you ended up having to keep the bags on the ground before fishing the key out of your pockets. Sounds like a welcome change, doesn’t it?

These keys are not just for show! Instead of just making you look cool in front of your friends, you will find that such a smart key actually serves a rather important purpose.

A smart key has a built in chip which sends a radio signal to the car. The chip which is inbuilt has a unique ID which is connected to a chip which is in the car as well, which is why only your car’s doors open you press the button on your key and not the car which belongs to Bob in accounting.

Such a huge security advantage is truly welcome in a day and age when there has been such a huge rise in the number of car thefts in the country. While it can be rather high-minded to just claim that such a rise in crimes is due to violent videogames which encourage the acts, it is better to err on the side of caution and just take the necessary precautions so as to prevent the situation from coming to pass.

The problem with the old locking system was the fact that it was very easy for car thieves to just pick the lock and gain access to your car. However, because of the smart key you won’t have to worry about your car being stolen as only the person who has the key with the correct ECU (engine control unit) will be able to access the car.

However, while this security feature is actually rather welcome, it also posits a rather grave issue: if you lose your key, then how will you be able to access your own car? While this does seem like a cause for concern, you needn’t get alarmed as there is a way out for you: the locksmith.

These days the locksmiths have evolved with the keys themselves, and you will be hard pressed to find a good locksmith who isn’t completely proficient in repairing and/or providing you with a duplicate key, whether it’s the old traditional keys or even the new ones. However, when you are looking for a locksmith who will be able to replace a misplaced transponder chip key you should remember that there are only a few locksmiths who are truly qualified to perform such a service and that the ones who are will be registered with the Associated Locksmiths of America.