Cars are already equipped with the pre-installed headlights but what if they are not enough in providing the necessary amount of light? Or what if someone is driving in a poor weather which affects the driver’s visibility? Since the factory installed head-lights are less powerful, it is very essential to installed high power headlamps which allow a proper vision, even through foggy or misty weather. So what is so special about these, apart from offering enhanced range of vision? This special equipment makes use of the existing factory bulbs. The bulbs appear brighter than usual thus offering an increased visibility and safety while driving, especially at night.

These special types of front lights are quite similar to the ones pre-installed. Connection of these lights to the car is in the same way and gives a powerful beam of light. As they only spread the light produced by the bulbs, these tend to consume very little energy. Also, these special types of car front lights are available in various forms such as HID, Xenon, Euro and Halo. Although these are different, they serve the same purpose-offering an enhanced range of visibility to the driver.

Another thing about these front lights is that they come in two distinctive types, high beam and low beam. The former type has less power and delivers a more dispersed beam of light and the latter type are much more intense and are capable of penetrating the mist and fog a lot better. These headlights are very sleek and are available in modern designs which can add up to the overall look of the vehicles. Car owners are often fond of these projector types of car lights; some of these require specialized lenses to spread the light and others are capable of doing by themselves.