• Top of your vehicle- The top of your car is surely one of the best placement positions for a jumbo bow. If you have a very large car bow, the item will look good when you place it on the top of the car. Car bows that are smaller will not look too good on the top of your car.
  • Glass of the car- If you have purchased a car bow that is medium in size, you can place it on the glass of the car. The design and style of the bow should be like a butterfly stroke. These bows are ideal for you to place on the glass of the car.
  • Bonnet of the car- This is one of the best and most preferred positions for the placement of a car bow. Both big and small bows can conveniently be placed on the bonnet of the car. These bows look good here as they have their long and loose bow tails falling and adorning the look of the car successfully. The front of the car also looks charming when you place the bow on it.
  • Corner or Upper Left Portion Of The Car- If you have small to medium sized bows, you can effectively place them on the corner or the upper left part of the car. This placement position may seem to be a little odd and it is not the first place that you would like to place your bow on. However, if you try out the arrangement, you will see that it surely does justice to small to medium sized bows.
  • Front of the car- If you wish to give your vehicle a royal and distinctive look, you have the option of placing the bow on the front portion of the car. However, you should not keep the bow in this position for a long time as the heat coming out of the grate of the car can spoil the looks of the bow.

Therefore, when you are looking for the best position for your bow, it is important for you to take into account the size and style of the bow. The above five places are ideal for you to place the bow and make the vehicle look enchanting and stunning too!