Pin striping

In wanting to make their cars look different, pin striping is perhaps the first thing some car owners try. In the visual sense, pin stripes can make your car look cooler or hotter-depending on your preference of course. If you are a man, you will still win either way. Chicks dig both the “cool” and “hot” stuff. Be sure to take your car to a professional shop to ensure quality work.


There are two reasons why you will want to install spacers on your car. First is appearance and the other is practicality. If you want your car to look bold, wheel spacers can give it the aggressive touch. With spacers, you can adjust your car depending on the kind of wheel you have. For example, you have a flat tire in the middle of the road, and you do not have a spare tire. A friend or a kind motorist offers his or her spare wheel instead. This is where your spacers will come in handy. See? Practicality.


The right spoilers can make your car cooler than it really is. Do you want it to look like a sports car? Just paint your desired stripes, add ultracool spoilers (it is always better to choose designs that are closer to your personal style), and you are good to go. Automotive accessories are great. Just don’t overdo them. Overdone decoration is not cool anymore. It is an embarrassing freak show.

Audio and other electronic systems

Your car makeover is not complete without the addition of modern technology. I am just not talking about a high-class audio system. I am also talking about a car video system, hands-free car kits, state-of-the-art GPS. These high-tech additions are enough to make a tech geek swoon.