When the first form of headlights was invented, it was very similar to the kerosene lamps that early settlers used for their homes. While this definitely was a step up from having absolutely no lights, kerosene was powered by oil and was extremely flammable. Drivers would have to watch out for the road as well as their lighting apparatus to make sure that it did not catch on fire.

Lighting has definitely come a long way since the last century, with modern cars today equipped with the most advanced HID or LED lighting system. Unfortunately, many people with older cars or more affordable cars with the basic trim still has to contend with halogen headlights. These type of headlights have a dull yellow output that is still pretty unsightly when compared to the clearly superior LED. Fortunately, aftermarket LED Conversion Kits take care of that issue and completely eliminate those unsightly headlights by replacing the whole contraption with a gorgeous xenon white and super bright output.

As with all aftermarket choices, sometimes there are some designs that are clearly superior. LED Conversion Kits come with varying ways to dissipate the heat in order to maintain the proper function. Conventional kits will use fans to maintain the temperature, but fans do have a tendency to be affected by dust and debris and will stop working. This will cause the headlights break down and severely shorted the lifespan. Fans are also fairly bulky so if you’re working with headlights that have a limited housing, you certainly have quite a conundrum to contend with.

Other kits utilize copper thermal fins as method of heat extraction. The fins are made of copper, which is one of the best heat conductors out there. They expand to keep the heat away from the LED bulb and are very flexible and compact so that the kit can be installed in located that have limited space.