The essential documents that are necessary to avail benefits of this kind are:

  • Valid ID.
  • Special Interest License Plate Application form.
  • Appropriate fees corresponding to the desired license plate.
  • Vehicle Registration details.

Buyers can approach the government website to begin with the process. It has to be checked whether the desired mark & the model of license plate is available on their website/outlets or not. Buyers should keep in mind that the government reserves the right of awarding/not awarding the desired license plate to the potential buyer and also to see that the car plate should be socially acceptable in the society. No discriminating/offending component against any community should be allowed or entertained to be present on the license plate.

  • To begin with the whole process, car owners can first download the requisite forms from any government website.
  • All the information should be filled up appropriately.
  • Appropriate ID proof should be attached with the form.
  • Vehicle registration details should be clearly stated.
  • Vehicle make & model should be clearly mentioned.
  • Detailed description of the desired license late should be presented.
  • Text color & the background color should be stated.
  • 6 choices should be filled up in order of the owner’s preference.
  • All forms should have signatures of the applicant at appropriate positions prior to submission.
  • Requisite fees should be paid without delay.
  • Design components should strictly adhere to the social norms of the Singaporean society.

Despite following the above stated points, car buyers should conduct extensive research while deciding to go for a personalized license plate. Their idea should be clear & should be properly stated in their application form so that they can get exactly what they want. Addresses & contact numbers should be included as well to deal with any emergencies.

Overall, if buyers follow the above mentioned procedure efficiently, they should not face any hassle while acquiring a personalized car plate. The government is more than eager to help the applicants regarding such matters provided all the rules are followed & certain standards are maintained.