Many of these other options involve liquid finishes. Technically powder coatings fall into this category, but with at least one major and important difference. Traditional liquid coatings contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These pollutants can cause all kinds of problems, especially around those who already suffer when the air quality around them is low. Even if you take the responsible steps to control these VOCs, you’ll end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily. By going the powder coating route, there’s also less you need to do in order to abide by EPA laws.

On top of offering a better environmental footprint, a custom powder coating simply looks better. Unlike, so many opportunities out there to do the right thing by Mother Nature, then, this is one that doesn’t actually involve any real sacrifice on your part. These coatings can reach every nook and cranny on your product, plus you won’t lack for options in terms of the appearance you end up with. Everything from candy paint to copper is available.

A custom coating is also extremely durable. Even the above benefits wouldn’t amount to much if you had to constantly keep reapplying the coating (this would definitely hurt its environmental benefits, too). However, there’s a reason satellite dishes, traffic-light casings and even heavy duty machinery have all been treated with powder coatings in the past. Despite the relentless wear and tear these objects are up against, a solid coating will not give up.

Lastly, there are countless applications for a powder coating, only a few of which we already mentioned. People have used this process to help their automobile or motorcycle stand out. It’s also been used in combination with stencils to make an eye-catching advertisement that ensures an individual’s business gets the attention it deserves.