Regular Washing

Regular washing may be one of the most important ways you can preserve your custom car paint job. Never allow dirt or soiling of any kind to sit on your vehicle because of the damage that could occur. In addition, some substances can have a far greater impact on the surface, necessitating that you remove them immediately. For example, if you ever spill any type of food or beverage on your automobile, rinse off the substance as quickly as possible. Acids present in the substance could cause great damage. As you work, ensure that you use mild soap and gentle sponges. Never use brushes on the exterior of your vehicle.

Water Spots

Water spots can also damage custom car paint. To avoid water spots, wash your vehicle in sections so the entire surface does not have drying water on it at one time. Allow your automobile to dry in the shade, and blot the surface dry with a cotton cloth or a sheepskin chamois to prevent water spots.


After washing, apply wax to seal the custom car paint. Wax serves as a protective layer to enhance the beauty of the paint. Wax also serves as a barrier to keep harmful dirt, dust, and UV rays from damaging the surface. Carnauba wax offers effective protection. As you apply it, work quickly in small sections, and wipe it off again immediately for best results. Plan to wax your automobile every two to three months to ensure that it always has adequate protection against dirt and the sun.

Between Washes

You probably don’t wash your vehicle every day, but a simple light dusting can be effective for maintaining the exterior. Use a long-handled feather duster at the end of each day and lightly wipe off the surfaces to remove the day’s grime. The danger of leaving dirt on the exterior is that these granules can be as rough as sandpaper, creating scratches and wear in the paint. Daily dusting can be an effective way to minimize light scratching and dulling.

A Word About Matte Finishes

A matte finish is the current look in automobiles. If your custom car paint job involves a matte finish, you’ll have a few special considerations as you maintain it to avoid costly damage. Never take your vehicle through an automatic car wash because the brushes can scratch the exterior. Clean your automobile by hand using a soft sponge. Never apply harsh pressure as you wash. It’s also best to avoid using any type of paste or liquid wax because these products can change the appearance of the paint. Instead of wax, apply a spray-on product specially formulated for matte finishes.