Sure it does, every entrepreneur in any service business will want to have these questions answered and learn all they can in these categories, who can blame them – they have money on the line, lots of time involved and they want to be successful and make a profit. Okay so, let’s go through some of my recent questions – as you too maybe asking the same.

The first one relates to self-assessment, always a good idea – Do I have the skills needed for this business, and do I have the right equipment to optimize my time and do the job right. Here is the question:

“As for my skill set with a buffer; I’m very good with it and have actually set up to compound 2 of my friends boats for free just to see what works best. I plan on ordering the dual action Shurhold orbital buffers.”

Indeed, this sounds like the right plan to practice using compound so you get an idea of exactly how to do it and when you’ve gone too far and are close to burning the paint. I agree that dual action style orbital buffers are best when it comes to orbitals. There is a big difference in quality of orbital buffers.

Regarding: Competition

“Shopped around a bit today calling various businesses in the market in my (area) although there seems to really only be 1-2 major companies around being that I’m on an island. I am trying to establish a range of pricing. Seems to be a challenge going to have to put in more time and research before I come up with a figure, I’ve learned being the Cheapest can often scare off people so I need to find a middle range where my prices are just above what people would call ‘cheap’.”

Yes, with higher-end clientele you do yourself – it is no good to try to be the Wal-Mart of the marine detailing industry, it defeats the purpose of all your marketing and perception of quality in the customer’s minds. The trick is to portray that at every turn, not only with your finished product, but also with plenty of referrals quotes on your website, and digital “Before-After” pictures so people can SEE the Difference prior to committing to a full-blown detail on their pride and joy (vessel).