Front air strut replacement

When the front end of your vehicle plunges towards the front while you apply the brakes resulting it to nose dive, it is a common sign that you need front replacement struts for your vehicle. The effect of a worn out front strut can impact the performance of your car’s rear brakes. It also puts extra stress on the front brakes. When such signs are obvious it is recommended that you go for front replacement struts compatible for your car.

Rear strut replacement

If you find that the rear end of your vehicle dips inadequately downwards at its back end when the car is moving, it can be a symptom that the rear struts are about to fail soon. Whenever the vehicle is lowered more than expected while carrying weight in its rear such as multiple passengers in the back seat or heavy object, there can be problems with the rear strut or air springs.

The average cost for replacing a front air strut is estimated to be anywhere from €600 to €1,000. Out of which, about €100 – €200 go into labour expenditure, while the parts are usually priced between €500 to €800.

Testing the struts of a vehicle

If you suspect that the struts of your vehicle are about to fail, you can confirm the case by conducting an air or oil leak test. An air or oil leak suggests that the strut or the air spring may be giving trouble and not functioning properly. You can also conduct a Bounce test which is one of the quickest tests to find out the status of your struts.