Month: January 2020

When Car Brakes Need Work

Pay Special Attention to the Brakes

One of the most important components to keep in a safe and functional condition is the braking system. This system requires special attention in order to keep you safe on the road and protect your investment. If you neglect your car brakes, not only can it cause extra damage to your vehicle, it can lead to your car being a total loss. That is because, in many cases, when an entire braking system needs replaced, the cost can exceed the total value of the vehicle. In this situation, a person’s best bet is to sell their totaled car to a junk car buyer, purchase another vehicle, and then stay dedicated to a routine brake maintenance agenda to avoid vehicular damage.

As soon as you start to notice signs of brake problems, bring your car into a professional automotive body shop for an inspection before the problem can cause overall car damage. Don’t know the signs that suggest your car brakes need some work? Continue reading to learn the most common ones to keep an eye out for while you drive!

Repair or Replacement?

To understand how to identify or look out for brake problems in your vehicle, first it is helpful to understand the basic components of a car brake system. There are four general parts: the hydraulic clamp, brake fluid line, brake pads, and brake rotors. Some may argue that brake pads and rotors are actually part of the wheel, but in this case, we will still include them because they can influence the need for brake repair. In most cases, the brake lines and hydraulic clamp will not experience much wear and tear; they are built to last a long time. On the other hand, brake pads and rotors are susceptible to wear and tear at all times and will need replacing every few thousand miles or so.

They are exposed to deterioration every time you drive because the pad presses against the smooth metal rotor every time the brake is applied. Over time, this pad is worn down and will make a recognizable noise to warn you that they are low. Brake pads squeal or hiss when they get low. The noise is actually the result of the bare pad scraping against the metal rotor (the metal disk that spins on the wheel) and causing friction between them. It can start out as a faint squeak, and turn into a high-pitched squeal if neglected. If you hear grinding then the pad is most likely worn completely thin and is grinding against the rotor. This can really damage the brake rotors. The thickness of the brake padding, the amount of driving you do, and the way you drive all influence the amount of times you will need to replace them.

Selling a Junk Car for Cash

If you discover that your car brakes are shot and need to be replaced, but the cost exceeds the total value if your vehicle, you can still make it profitable by selling it to a junk car buyer. Choose a company that has premium electronic scales that can accurately assess the value of your junk car. Then use the cash toward another vehicle!

Tyres for Jeep

The size of the tyre is everything. The bigger the tyre the more surface area it can cover and the more stable it is. Larger tyres also make driving a 4X4 vehicle much easier and more comfortable for the driver. Larger profiles are safer too. You won’t really find off road tyres with a narrow sidewall because they need to be tough and resilient. More volume within the tyre benefits the driver whilst climbing over rocks. Remember that you won’t always be facing a blunt surface but rather more protruding hills that will stab into the tyres. The air inside the tyre helps to protect the wheel which gives the car more bounce when driving over certain obstacles. It thus decreases the likelihood of a puncture due to the amount of pressure placed on them. Besides being useful to the whole outdoor experience, the large, wide, deep tread tyres also give the Jeep an aggressive modified look that is admired by many people.

So which brand of tyres will work best for a Jeep?

BF Goodrich has a reputation of being the strongest brand when it comes to outdoor or off road driving. The rubber has been specially engineered to handle water, dry surfaces and cracking stones.

Goodyear has various types of tyres that work well in any weather conditions and many types of terrain. They also have a reputation of being the highest performing tyres in different terrains and are a definite must have in terms of choosing tyres.

Rear Window Graphics

Have you noticed any advertising on the sides of those buses? They typically wrap the entire bus nowadays with a full color ad, and they go right over the windows. But you can still see through the windows. How do they do that?

In the industry we use the same type of process with rear window graphics. We print full color images on perforated vinyl films that typically go on the outside of the pickup truck rear window glass. It makes it hard to look inside the truck, but from the inside out it appears as if you were looking through a regular screen door, its pretty easy to see out of. These images are what we call Rear Window Graphics.

Rear window graphics can fit just about any vehicle, but mostly you will find them on pickup trucks. They make excellent holiday gifts at a fairly reasonable price. There are many to choose from, and there are thousands of rear window graphics available to make it pretty easy to decide, so whatever type of image or picture you might need you’ll probably find something suitable here at the online store. It’s also easy to find the perfect gift that you want because all of the graphics are organized into many categories to make things simple. Some of the newest rear window graphics categories added are the public awareness category which has a lot of the pink ribbons and the hope banners, cancer awareness etc. Additionally newly added are a huge aircraft section, deer and hunting, and American flag section.

And finally, an installation guide for the do-it-yourselfers is available that shows step by step instructions along with pictures showing exactly how a buyer could install one of the rear window graphics himself. There were not many tools needed, there were just some clean towels, glass cleaner, a squeegee and a razor blade.

Window Tint Laws


Well known for strict safety regulations, especially as it relates to motor vehicles, the Golden State has one of the most onerous window tint laws in the country. As with most states, the back side windows and the rear window are not subject to any restrictions on darkness, but they cannot be more reflective than a standard screen, meaning that a mirror finish will get you a ticket in a hurry. California only allows non-reflective darkening on the top four inches of the front windshield and the front side windows, and the cover must allow at least 70% of the light through. If you get pulled over for a violation, the first offense is a fairly minor affair. The police will cite you with a “fix it” ticket, requiring you to bring the glass into compliance within a specified period and pay a nominal $25 fine. If you fail to comply with this initial citation, however, the second stop could cost up to $200.


Up in the Great Lakes state, the northern sun can hit you right between the eyes in the summer. But you’ll have to invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses if you want to completely block it out. Like almost every state, Michigan doesn’t place any restrictions on the level of shading that a driver can have on the rear and back side panels, but it also doesn’t apply its standard as a percentage of sunlight that can be let through. On the front windshield as well as the front side panes, a driver can only have a strip of coverage for the top four inches. This makes the law much easier to enforce since officers don’t have to make a guess of how much light is being let through. Earlier this year, an interstate drug smuggler was busted after he took a ride from Wisconsin, where a 50% standard is used, and he was promptly pulled over. Michigan does make an exception for people with medical needs who are more sensitive than normal to light.

New Mexico

The land of enchantment is also the land of searing desert heat. In the summers, the days can climb well into the triple digits for weeks on end. In that heat, cars sitting out in the sun can become ovens. It’s understandable, then, that New Mexico has the least restrictive window tint regulations in the country. On all sides but the front, a driver’s panes need only let in 20% sunlight, essentially limousine level.

Custom Car Paint Job

Regular Washing

Regular washing may be one of the most important ways you can preserve your custom car paint job. Never allow dirt or soiling of any kind to sit on your vehicle because of the damage that could occur. In addition, some substances can have a far greater impact on the surface, necessitating that you remove them immediately. For example, if you ever spill any type of food or beverage on your automobile, rinse off the substance as quickly as possible. Acids present in the substance could cause great damage. As you work, ensure that you use mild soap and gentle sponges. Never use brushes on the exterior of your vehicle.

Water Spots

Water spots can also damage custom car paint. To avoid water spots, wash your vehicle in sections so the entire surface does not have drying water on it at one time. Allow your automobile to dry in the shade, and blot the surface dry with a cotton cloth or a sheepskin chamois to prevent water spots.


After washing, apply wax to seal the custom car paint. Wax serves as a protective layer to enhance the beauty of the paint. Wax also serves as a barrier to keep harmful dirt, dust, and UV rays from damaging the surface. Carnauba wax offers effective protection. As you apply it, work quickly in small sections, and wipe it off again immediately for best results. Plan to wax your automobile every two to three months to ensure that it always has adequate protection against dirt and the sun.

Between Washes

You probably don’t wash your vehicle every day, but a simple light dusting can be effective for maintaining the exterior. Use a long-handled feather duster at the end of each day and lightly wipe off the surfaces to remove the day’s grime. The danger of leaving dirt on the exterior is that these granules can be as rough as sandpaper, creating scratches and wear in the paint. Daily dusting can be an effective way to minimize light scratching and dulling.

A Word About Matte Finishes

A matte finish is the current look in automobiles. If your custom car paint job involves a matte finish, you’ll have a few special considerations as you maintain it to avoid costly damage. Never take your vehicle through an automatic car wash because the brushes can scratch the exterior. Clean your automobile by hand using a soft sponge. Never apply harsh pressure as you wash. It’s also best to avoid using any type of paste or liquid wax because these products can change the appearance of the paint. Instead of wax, apply a spray-on product specially formulated for matte finishes.

Car Washing

Hand wash

Giving the car a regular hand wash is the most traditional method. Even though it is slower than the automatic alternative, it does have its many plus points, as well as a few downsides.


High-quality and customized – a hand wash has the potential to give the best all-round cleaning performance. A regular hand wash can easily be customized to include other cleaning strategies. With actual hands on contact with the car, it is possible to use extra cleaning techniques like waxing and claying.

Easy to get started – the cost of a basic hand wash is very inexpensive with a need to only invest in a few sponges and a bucket. However, this cost will increase if planning to use other cleaning strategies such as waxing.

Better reach – the may be many places on the car that aren’t property cleaned by the automatic machines. A full hand wash service has the potential to clean the dirt and grime from literally any part or hidden corner of the car.


Time and labor intensive – a hand wash can be very labor intensive and can leave muscles tired and aching. Also, the time involved can vary with the type of cleaning service provided. An in-depth clean with multiple coatings can easily take a few hours to complete.

Poor finish – if the car is left with any unwashed soap in place, this can lead to a dull looking vehicle. Also, there is the risk of tiny bits of dirt building up on the sponges or rags used to clean the car which can result in the unwanted scratch marks.

Automatic car wash

An automatic car wash is a time-saving alternative to a full hand washing service. Many people are starting to favor the automatic services for a variety of reasons, but it does have its negative points as well as plenty of positives.


Gentle on the paint work – the automated machines are very gentle to the entire car and will complete the job without causing any damage. In the past, these machines did use hard brushes which had the potential to cause scratches, but this is no longer the case with the modern units.

Thorough cleaning service – the automated machines are programmed to carefully clean all areas of a car to ensure a consistent clean is provided every time.

Cost-effective – the latest machines are designed with specific car washing techniques that can help to lower the water use and save time. This has the benefit of cutting costs for both the operator and car owners.


Limited contact – a standard strategy with the automated machines is to use minimal contact with the car which can mean the most stuck dirt will still be in place after the washing cycle is complete.

Their SEO Services Keep Me in the Spotlight

When I decided to create a website to advertise my services, I knew nothing about search engine optimization. I did plenty of reading to understand how important it was, but I still had no clue on how to incorporate that into my website. Today, I know a little bit more about it, but not much! That is because I hired Foretec Singapore to handle that aspect of my business for me. I know what my strengths are, and integrating search engine optimization into my website is definitely not one of them. Because of that, I stick to what I do best, and I let the experts handle that part of my business for me.

Picking the right company was something that I was very careful about. I wanted a company that has plenty of experience, and Foretec came highly recommended. They have over 15 years of experience in handling all aspects of websites, including the invaluable SEO part of it. I also liked that I was able to handle everything online. I had looked at local companies, but they either did not do everything that I wanted or needed, or they were just too expensive. Foretec not only offers all the services I needed but they do it at a price that is definitely within my budget.

I also liked that Foretec took the time to explain why some services are so important. There are definitely some things that used to be around years ago that are no longer needed, but search engine optimization is not one of them. To get noticed on search engines, you need to have this integrated on your website. They have been helping me since I started my online site, and I know that the success I am enjoying is largely in part to the work they do for me to keep me in the spotlight!

Keep Car Interior Clean

Collect trash

Keep a small trash bag handy to avoid a slow build up of unwanted mess in your car. Most cars don’t have a designated place to put the trash, so a conveniently place bag will ensure the trash is kept in one place and is easy to remove when necessary.

No food

A simple method to avoid the build up of mess in the car is to avoid creating it in the first place. Eating food is likely to be one of the major reasons that leads to unwanted mess and smells in the confined space of your car. Try to eat before taking a drive to maintain a much cleaner and fresher smelling car.

Use air fresheners

A simple method to keep the car smelling nice is to use an air freshener. It doesn’t take much for a car to start to get a little stinky, so the consistent use of fresheners will help keep the space smelling fresh. Also, the typical gas-station air fresheners aren’t very long-lasting. For this reason, it benefits to invest in few at once and replace them at regular intervals.

Vacuum as needed

Giving the car a good vacuum is one of the most basic steps to keep the interior clean and free of everyday dirt and debris. Use the vacuum as you preliminary step to get the worst of the mess out of the car before starting to work on the more detailed cleaning methods.

Stain remover

Leave a simple stain remover tool inside the car. This can resemble something as small as a pen and designed to stop a wide range of spills from becoming a permanent mark on your car. They are particularly good for food or drink spills, such as tea, wine, coffee, BBQ sauce, ketchup, tomato juice, etc.

Boat Detailing

Sure it does, every entrepreneur in any service business will want to have these questions answered and learn all they can in these categories, who can blame them – they have money on the line, lots of time involved and they want to be successful and make a profit. Okay so, let’s go through some of my recent questions – as you too maybe asking the same.

The first one relates to self-assessment, always a good idea – Do I have the skills needed for this business, and do I have the right equipment to optimize my time and do the job right. Here is the question:

“As for my skill set with a buffer; I’m very good with it and have actually set up to compound 2 of my friends boats for free just to see what works best. I plan on ordering the dual action Shurhold orbital buffers.”

Indeed, this sounds like the right plan to practice using compound so you get an idea of exactly how to do it and when you’ve gone too far and are close to burning the paint. I agree that dual action style orbital buffers are best when it comes to orbitals. There is a big difference in quality of orbital buffers.

Regarding: Competition

“Shopped around a bit today calling various businesses in the market in my (area) although there seems to really only be 1-2 major companies around being that I’m on an island. I am trying to establish a range of pricing. Seems to be a challenge going to have to put in more time and research before I come up with a figure, I’ve learned being the Cheapest can often scare off people so I need to find a middle range where my prices are just above what people would call ‘cheap’.”

Yes, with higher-end clientele you do yourself – it is no good to try to be the Wal-Mart of the marine detailing industry, it defeats the purpose of all your marketing and perception of quality in the customer’s minds. The trick is to portray that at every turn, not only with your finished product, but also with plenty of referrals quotes on your website, and digital “Before-After” pictures so people can SEE the Difference prior to committing to a full-blown detail on their pride and joy (vessel).

Restoring Old Cars

Not sure where to start or what you need to get the car to a place where it looks as good as it did in the past? If you own the car or you are purchasing a car, you need to think about what you would like to do with it. It can be a full time job to restore a classic car, so you will need to make a plan about how you will go about restoring the car and making it all that you know it can be.

Not sure that you can do it on your own? There is no need to restore the old vehicle on your own. If you know that there are some things that you can do, but you know that there are others that you cannot do on your own or that you cannot do to ensure that you protect the integrity of the vehicle, you can call upon a professional to help you do the job.

There are many people who restore classic vehicles for a living and will help you restore the vehicle so it is all that you want it to be. They will know the right products to use, how to machine certain pieces, and what colors will be best for the vehicle so that it is as authentic as possible. You can receive some input and then follow up, or you can leave the vehicle with the professional so that it can be worked on and recreated for you.

Classic cars are just that, classic. If you would like to turn back the hands of time and hold onto one of the great things from the past, before the technology that exists today, you may want to consider purchasing a classic car. Even if you purchase it and it doesn’t look all that classic, you will find that over time you can recreate it so that it looks as good as new. Restoring a classic car can be a labor of love if you want to be involved in the restoration process, or you can purchase it and have someone else restores it for you. Regardless, you’ll find that this throw back in time will be one that you enjoy very much. Who doesn’t notice that amazing classic car that has been fully restored going down the street? With some work and some help, you can be the driver of that car.